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Utility Tongs 9" Black x 1

SKU: NEV4709-03

Within Buffet & Display you will find a variety of products perfectly suited for a wide range of buffet requirements including both hot and cold buffet service. We offer a contemporary yet functional range of white and black platters designed in gastronorm sizes to fit standard sized counters and displays. We also have a selection of reversible polished granite/slate stone effect platters for interchangeable variety. Our versatile buffet bowls, now also available in black, are strong, lightweight and dishwasher safe and are available in a range of shapes and sizes to suit any setting. Buffet Risers, Rustic Wooden Crates, Display Baskets, Chaffing Dishes and Buffet Dispensers are just some of the other items that complete this section.
One-piece polycarbonate construction is durable, break resistant and withstands tough use
It resists food acids and oils for ease of cleaning
Great for use in any food service, buffet or display area
Ideal with deli ware as they reduce scratches and prolongs the life
Temperature range: -20 to 100C
Material - Polycarbonate
Additional Info - 22.9cm/9" (L)