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Meet the Team


Bert is our OG office dog. He used to head up credit control but got demoted because he kept accepting tummy rubs as payment. You’ll find him hiding under one of the desks with something he shouldn’t have, and he’s often referred to as the most goodest boy in wholesale.

Loves - Tummy rubs, cheese, chicken, muddy puddles, daddy’s leftover tennis balls and the beach.

Hates - People carrying boxes, buses, diets and Herb having a bone.

Meet the Team


Herbie is the other half of our office dog duo and joined us Summer 2023. He deals with any customer complaints but spends most of his day sleeping as we don’t get any.

Loves - EVERYTHING!!!!

Hates - Bath time and when his big brother Bert steals his bone.

Meet the Team


Spencer is our MD & owner and has been working within the industry for over a decade. Amongst his other duties, his passion for the latest tableware trends makes hosting new customer showroom visits his favourite.

Loves - Tennis, NYC, giving heavy orders to Tom and Wotsits.

Hates - Oysters, flat tyres and people who use the wrong lane at roundabouts.

Meet the Team


Josh joined BSS after studying business management at Chichester University. With his skills, he has enabled and supported the sustained growth of the business. On the day-to-day, you’ll find him refining processes and seeking new ways to grow and improve the company.

Loves - Pompey FC, trips to that club on Bognor Pier, meal deals and Scampi Fries.

Hates - Salad, Southampton FC.

Meet the Team


Howard has been with BSS for over 20 years and is the rock-solid foundation of our team, known for his reliability and unwavering trustworthiness. He’s a dedicated team player who ensures our customers' needs are met time and time again with an unrivalled knowledge in all things hospitality supply.

Loves - Chelsea FC, Huligan Pretzels, Golf and shouting at talksport FM.

Hates - Rubbish food, heights and the silver van’s driving position.

Meet the Team


Julie, our Credit Control manager, brings a wealth of experience and a keen eye for detail to the forefront. Formerly a part-owner, she now oversees our credit control operations, ensuring the financial well-being of our organisation. Her strong analytical skills and meticulous approach guarantee that our financial accounts are managed efficiently.

Loves - bad jokes, Mini Cheddars, expensive perfume, Tipping Point, Ben Shephard from Tipping Point, telling people she’s been on Tipping Point.

Hates - noisy eaters, mess, people not knowing she’s been on Tipping Point.

Meet the Team


Tom joined BSS part time after a long stint as a postie. Now full time, Tom is an integral part of BSS who promotes company culture and infuses his energy and enthusiasm into every aspect of his role - and yes, he wears shorts all year round!

Loves - Monster Munch, Guinness, Cricket, questionable TikTok creators and annoying Spencer.

Hates - Everything.

Meet the Team


Neal is one half of our sales development team, focusing on securing new business whilst developing existing accounts to ensure they’re buying across all product categories. Having formerly worked for a national hygiene company, Neal possesses considerable knowledge across the cleaning & hygiene and paper product categories which makes him our go-to for all things janitorial.

Loves - Arsenal FC, his dog Frank, Butcher Bobs and Caribbean Holidays.

Hates - Julie’s bad jokes, sweets.

Meet the Team


Formerly MD & part-owner, Cliff’s depth of expertise within the industry has helped make BSS what it is today. Now part-time driver for us, Cliff enjoys a life of long weekends motor-homing and long evenings watching reruns of Lovejoy.

Loves - 4x4's, his workshop, Lovejoy and Bacon Fries.

Hates - Bad drivers, dirty vans, perfectly good bits of wood going to waste.

Meet the Team


Shaun is the newest member of our BSS family, bringing a fresh burst of energy to our delivery team. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for excellent service, Shaun ensures that each delivery is timely, accurate, and efficient. His commitment to customer satisfaction and friendly demeanour make him a valuable addition to our team. We're excited to have Shaun on board as he helps us continue to meet and exceed our customers' expectations. Welcome, Shaun!

Loves - Really bad jokes (even worse than Julie's!), Roysters, West Ham & taking way too long to get to the punchlines of jokes.

Hates - An untidy warehouse, stock being left in vans and people who are better at telling jokes than him.



Chris is the other half of our sales development team and has an abundance of expertise in all things hospitality. Formerly working for a large national wholesaler who specialised in tableware & catering equipment, Chris’s arrival has enabled us to broaden our product offering and truly become a one-stop shop.

Loves - Talking, history, Harlequins Rugby team and Real Crisps

Hates - Hate isn’t in Chris’s vocabulary.

Meet the Team

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